$1 Million Arbitration Award Confirmed in Commercial Partnership Dispute

Partner Rob Klein was successful in securing a $1 million arbitration award arising out of a failed agreement to procure investment grade diamonds from Sierra Leone.  The Firm’s client had invested significantly in a limited partnership which was designed to take advantage of ongoing relations with high ranking members of the diamond mining community in Sierra Leone.  Plaintiff argued that his stateside partner failed to use the investment funds as intended, and failed to notify him when relationships in Sierra Leone began to break down, resulting in the decay of various investment opportunities.  The case was tried over a several day period in September of 2016 and was confirmed in March of 2017.

The case is: Brendel v. Meyrowitz, 3:15-CV-1928-D, 2017 WL 1178244 (N.D. Tex. Mar. 30, 2017).

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