Ethical Compliance

Ethical Compliance

The Firm’s defense of lawyers is not limited solely to the courtroom. The Firm also maintains an active practice representing lawyers in ethical proceedings before the Florida Bar.

It is a rather unfortunate circumstance when a lawyer is accused of violating the Florida Bar rules. A lawyer who receives a bar complaint by a dissatisfied or disappointed former client, adversary, or other individual is oftentimes in disbelief; sometimes even embarrassed. In most instances, the lawyer has never received any such complaint and is entirely unfamiliar with the process.

In these matters, the Firm first strives to educate the client concerning the process so that the client is informed and can intelligently assess the ensuing proceedings. Next, the Firm directs its considerable experience in these matters to address the allegations with the Florida Bar with sensitivity and thoughtfulness with the aim of having the matter dismissed. If the matter is not dismissed at the initial stage, the Firm works closely with the client through the grievance committee stage, and if necessary, through trial to ensure the most practicable result.

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